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Restaura Serum
   Saccharomyces cerevisiae

One of the most interesting applications of white biotechnology are biomimetic processes, which allow us to obtain raw materials identical to those of our body in a new, more efficient and completely natural way. By using microorganisms such as lactic bacteria, we can produce polysaccharides such as hyaluronic acid identical to the endogenous one produced by skin cells.

In the case of Saccharomices cerevisiae, from substrates derived from plants such as soy and brewer's yeast, it is capable of synthesizing the antiaging peptides that we use in the Restaura Serum, some of them with a btx-like effect and others that They prevent the shortening of the DNA molecule of the skin cells and therefore prevent premature aging of the skin.

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Skin Factor Serum
   Nicotiana benthamiana

Nicotiana Benthaniama grows in poor soils, rocky hills and cliffs on the wildest part of the northern coast of Australia. This plant is one of the favorites of scientists around the world. Due to its high resistance, it is used in various research and studies on viruses and vaccines. It is capable of producing one kilogram per hectare of a specific protein that is very similar to human proteins.

Thanks to green biotechnology, we can use this plant as a biofactory to produce molecules of cosmetic and pharmaceutical interest such as growth factors, proteins that accelerate the natural healing processes of wounds and skin regeneration.

In the Skin Factor range, we take advantage of the renewing power of growth factors to regenerate damaged, irritated or sensitive skin and to improve the texture and soften expression wrinkles of the skin.

Vital C Serum
   Chlorella emersonii

Chlorella is an ancient green microalgae (originating 2.5 million years ago) that can grow in a variable temperature range from very low temperatures up to 48°C. It is found in various environments, including soils, moist rocks, freshwater, and oceans, and is capable of growing in the absence of light or with high light intensity.In our case, Chlorella emersonni comes from the frozen lakes of the Pyrenees where it experiences stress due to low temperatures and almost no light.

 Chlorella can develop a defense system to cope with environmental stress, by producing a series of antioxidants and having a great capacity to eliminate free radicals, which are the promoters of premature skin aging.

Through blue biotechnology, we manage to incorporate these ingredients into our Vital C Serum for its anti-stress effect.

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Chlorella vulgaris

This microalgae is found in the Mediterranean, on the island of Formentera. It lives in extreme salinity conditions and manufactures carotenoid molecules (bio-retinoids) when exposed to UV light.We use blue biotechnology to extract these carotenoids and include them in the formulation of our Pure Retinol Serum.

These marine bio-retinoids have an identical structure to retinol and activate only beta receptors in the dermis, eliminating most of the side effects that usually appear on the skin: dryness, irritation, peeling, etc.It is an active ingredient with a powerful global antiaging action: it improves firmness, elasticity, softens wrinkles, has a sebum-regulating effect, improves the appearance of pores and reduces blemishes on the skin.

Celular Plus Serum
   Argan Tree

The argan tree is one of the oldest tree species in the world. It is native to the arid southeast of Morocco and has perfectly adapted to drought, intense sunlight, and the extremely high temperatures that characterize this region.

The benefits of its fruits are well known: a highly nutritious, moisturizing, and antioxidant oil is extracted. However, the number of specimens has dramatically decreased due to extensive land cultivation, so the remaining argan tree forests are currently under UNESCO protection.

Green biotechnology, on the other hand, allows us to obtain another ingredient: Argan stem cells, using just a small shoot from a branch of the tree to grow pluripotent stem cell cultures without the need for extensive cultivation. These have an incredible regenerative capacity for our skin, achieving profound rejuvenation. They are the star ingredient of our Cellular Plus range, which is nourishing, densifying, and rejuvenating.

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DMAE Lift 10 Serum
   Hematococcus pluvialis

Hematococcus pluvialis is a green microalgae that lives in the fresh waters of Arctic glaciers, where it is cultivated and industrially exploited to obtain astaxanthin, considered a 'super antioxidant, even with possible anti-cancer properties.

When the water conditions where Hematococcus lives are no longer optimal, this microalga encysts and tends to accumulate a secondary metabolite around the nucleus: the carotenoid astaxanthin, which can occupy almost the entire cytoplasm.

This type of response gives it the advantage of being very resistant to a multitude of environmental factors. Astaxanthin protects against oxidative damage that could be caused by high-energy radiation such as UV radiation, an increase in salinity or a lack of nutrients. We use this super antioxidant in the formulation of the DMAE Lift 10 line.

Blue Balance Serum
   Spirulina maxima

Spirulina is a green cyanobacteria that has been cultivated for centuries, particularly in Africa, notably in Chad. It is considered highly sustainable because it is grown in "bioreactors" under sunlight, saving a considerable amount of water and soil without the need for pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This algae grows in waters with a basic pH of 10-12 and is subject to extreme solar radiation. It synthesizes, among other things, two ingredients: phycocyanin pigments and photolyase enzymes, primarily to defend itself and survive under these unfavorable external factors.

Thanks to blue biotechnology, we can isolate these beneficial and completely natural antioxidant agents, which we can consider as biological filters. We use them in our Blue Balance Serum to prevent the harmful effects of blue light.

Cleansing Foam
    Macleodii Alteromones

In the Kopara ecosystem of French Polynesia, there is a group of microorganisms that produce exopolysaccharides acting as a protective film or shield against environmental stress and the extreme living conditions they face, such as UV radiation, changes in pH, or salinity.By using sustainable blue biotechnology processes, we obtain the PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Active ingredient included in the formula of our Cleansing Foam.

The PM 2.5 anti-pollution active helps to prevent the accumulation of pollutant particles in the epidermis and reinforce the skin's antioxidant capacity, so it can better resist damage caused by heavy metals, suspended pollution particles, and other harmful substances present in the air of large cities and contaminated areas.

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Vitamin D Urban SPF30 Serum
   Lithops pseudotruncatella

Lithops pseudotruncatella is a succulent plant specialized in water storage. Its adaptation allows to maintain water reserves during prolonged periods of drought, surviving in arid climates like that of the Namibian desert from which it originates.

We utilize ingredients derived from its stem cells, providing molecules such as glucoconjugates and polyphenols that enhance the synthesis of vitamin D and Lumisterol (its reservoir) in keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It can be found in our Vitamin D Urban SPF30 product.

Capilar Serum
   Cúrcuma longa

Plant tissues and human hair operate in very similar ways: both have roots, absorb nutrients from their surroundings, exhibit seasonal behavior, fall in autumn, and have a very active stem cell reserve.Rich in curcuminoids (especially curcumin), Curcuma longa has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial, DNA-protective properties, etc.

Thanks to green biotechnology, we extract a concentrate of stem cells from the root of Curcuma, rich in specially designated signal peptides to reactivate the stem cells of the hair bulb and enhance hair growth, and we apply it in our Revival & Density Hair Serum.

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We believe in green and blue biotechnology as a means to take advantage of the resources that nature gives us and find ingredients that allow us to imagine, create and develop new, even more effective products.

This is our cosmetics: effective, sustainable and transparent.